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SC52 AA Flashlight Cool White
Item Id:ZLSC52
SC52 AA Flashlight Cool White
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What's New:
  • Record breaking 280Lm ANSI from one AA Eneloop (more output with Energizer L91 lithium)
  • Record breaking 3 months runtime at min output (longer runtime with Energizer L91 lithium)
  • All levels are current regulated.
  • Battery capacity indicator (LED flashes 1-4 times. 4 short clicks to start)
  • Low battery alert when the light is switched Off with AA batteries (LED flashes if the battery voltage is below 1.06V)
  • Programmable M2 and L2
  • LED driver circuits sealed completely from the battery chamber
  • Recessed switch (improved from SC51)
Main Features and Specifications

  • LED: Cree XM-L Cool White (Norminal CCT 6300K)
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of the each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels or strobes.
  • Light Output
    • High:         H1 280 Lm (0.9 hrs)   or    H2  172 Lm (1.7 hrs) / 108 Lm (3 hrs) / 4Hz Strobe
    • Medium:    M1 50 Lm (7.5 hrs)    or    M2   25 Lm (12 hrs) / 12 Lm (27 hrs)
    • Low:         L1   2.7 Lm (4 days)   or    L2   0.34 Lm (3 weeks) / 0.06 Lm (2 months) / 0.01 Lm (3 months)
    • Light output are ANSI out the front values. Runtimes tested (and parasitic drain estimated) with Sanyo 2000mAh Eneloop AA batteries. Light output with 14500 batteries are the same except that the H1 is 500Lm for the first minute and then steps down to 280Lm.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V - 4.2V
  • Battery: One 1.5V AA (NiMH, lithium or alkaline) or 3.7V 14500 Li-ion battery. Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Parasitic Drain: Negligible (equivalent to 16 years, much less than the self discharging of a battery)
  • Beam Type
    • 80 degree spill
    • 12 degree hot spot
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: 0.93 inch (23.6 mm)
    • Length:    3.08 inch (78.2 mm)
  • Weight
    • 1.4 oz (40 gram) 
  • Features
    • Automatic stepping down when battery (AA and 14500) capacity is low
    • Builtin over-discharging protection for 14500 batteries (2.8V cutoff)
    • Electronic soft-touch switch, with a 200,000 cycle operating life
    • Smart user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels
    • Precision machined unibody casing from premium grade  aluminum bar stocks
    • Proprietary heat sinking design bonds the LED board directly to the unibody aluminum casing
    • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
    • Tempered optical grade glass
    • Preinstalled bezel down pocket clip
    • Orange peel textured reflector
    • Anti-roll and tail-standing capable
    • Battery power can be locked out by slightly unscrewing the tailcap to prevent unwanted activations or parasitic drain
    • Waterproof to IPX7 (2 meters, 30 minutes)


This light has 3 main levels (High, Medium, and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels or strobes.

  • Basic Operation
    • Short click turns on the light to High or turns off the light.
    • Long click (press and hold for about 0.6 seconds) turns on the light to Low.
  • Advanced Operation and Configuration 
    • Short click turns on the light to High. Short click again quickly to cycle from High to Medium, and Low.
    • Press and hold to cycle from Low, Medium and High, release to set. When press and hold, the light always cycle from Low to High regardless which level you are currently in.
    • Double click to toggle and select between the two sub-levels for that main level. Sub-level selections (except the strobe) for the 3 main levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • The second sub-level of each main levels can be configured after 6 double clicks. Double click (startng with the 7th) to cycle and select different brightness levels or strobes. Short click to turn off the light when finishing configurations. The selections for the second sub-levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • This light uses the main LED (flashing 1 to 4 times) to indicate the estimated remaining capacity of the battery. To start the battery indicator, (from Off) short-click 4 times without pause.


Accessories in the package

  • Two o-rings

User Guide

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Best EDC Light!
When I went to the post office today to pick up my SC52, to be honest, I wasn't expecting much, I thought: well...this will just be like the rest of my EDC lights, small and not great. But, soon as I opened the little brown box and got out the light, I popped in a 14500 and was literally, BLOWN AWAY! I highly recommend this to anybody looking for the ultimate EDC light. 500 Lumens on a 14500 and 280 lumens on an Eneloop, and a max run time of over a month. What more can you ask for? Buy now! :)
Reviewed by: a user from San Juan City, Philippines. on 9/2/2013
My most impressive flashlight
280L from one AA, 500L from a 14500 li-ion. No other torch can do that! Tiny, solid, great beam and switch, UI allows turning on in low, med, or hi, depending on how you click. Improvements over SC51: brighter, more settings, accepts 14500 battery, and battery level indicator. Removed unneeded clip - fits anywhere. Filed down sharp mounting base corners.
Reviewed by: a user from Plymouth, MI. on 6/8/2013
This flashlight (SC52) is the best EDC I ever had, I even preordered a SC52w 3 days after getting it. High is very impressive for a single AA and low is really low. UI needs getting used to it but when you get it it is surprisingly intuitive and efficient. I give it 4 stars and not 5 because I got mine with a scratched pocket clip. I have asked for a replacement clip with my SC52w order. We'll see how it goes.
Reviewed by: a user from France. on 5/17/2013
little sun
Very impressive flashlight, output runtime and design is fantastic for size.
Reviewed by: a user from Germany. on 3/21/2013
very good)))
very good)))
Reviewed by: a user from Aslan. on 1/21/2013
I have already H51. And it is very good. SC52 is the best lamp that I had or listen ewer.
Reviewed by: a user from Ukraine. on 1/17/2013
Pocket rocket
High output with Eneloops and >440 lm with 14500 li-io. Not too blueish tint for a cool white light, beam is smooth enough but not perfect. Would by again! Full review in german Taschenlampen-forum
Reviewed by: a user from germany. on 12/23/2012
Impressive light
The SC-52 impresses on all fronts. It looks great, feels great and the output from such a small light with a single AA is amazing. The beam is a nice balance between spot and flood. UI is both flexible and easy to use. Battery run times are also very impressive. So much from a single AA!
Reviewed by: a user from Australia. on 12/5/2012